When deciding to replace your bathroom here are some factors you should consider to help things run as smoothly as possible.
If you have a family at home and only one W.C a friendly neighbour or nearby relative might be just what's needed to alleviate some of the problems that are associated with this dilemma.

Ideally, if you have a second bathroom or an en-suite this can be great news for you and you installer, but if you haven't it's a good idea to make alternative arrangements a possibility.
Most customers are not fully prepared for the amount of work that goes into replacing a bathroom/plastering/tiling etc. so it helps to have some appreciation of the amount of work involved in a family environment.

Having said all that not to put you off but to prepare you properly, here are some other considerations.

Whether it's a DIY project or you are having your bathroom installed professionally, your budget should include a contingency sum for unseen circumstances that could include;


Timber replacement where damaged by water and not always immediately apparent.

Complete pipework replacement, as is often a requirement due to deteriation.

This can extend to include soil pipe partial or complete replacement in some circumstances,particularly when the w.c. position is altered, in some cases this may lead to repositioning of the drains.

 The amount of the contingency sum is dependant on the size of the bathroom, as these can vary, it is a good idea to get some pipework and per metre squared plastering guide prices so you can plan for worst case scenario's.

If your working to a tight budget these can be important factors in your choice of sanitaryware/tiles/accessories and positioning, as the final cost could spiral due to these factors.

These points may help you decide on your spend on bathroom materials when taken into account.
There are some over inflated prices for these products and although it's often fair to say you get what you pay for, sometimes, you pay for more than you get.

Here you can find some additional DIY tips:

There are some good sources for tiles, sanitaryware and accessories found on the internet, here are a few :
Ebay are a good source for tiles,sanitaryware and accessories, i purchased 15m2 of crema fil marble tiles for £20 plus £50 delivery, total £70, these can be seen at retailers for anywhere up to £65m2. A very expensive looking finish at a fraction of the cost.

Amazon is another excellent source for bathroom products.

Claygate is a merchant supplier whose stockists are listed on the internet  and some stockists may offer discounts.

One of our own suppliers is a Claygate stockist and we can supply from their catalogue if required.